Ladies LIFE* 

The Ladies of CCPV are currently taking a break from Bible studies, but will return on Saturday, August 11th with a brand new study. Keep an eye out right here in the next month or two for more information.
In addition to our bi-weekly bible studies, Ladies LIFE has various events throughout the year such as Ladies Night Out – a monthly gathering on the last Wednesday of every month at different local-area restaurants (check our calendar for the location of next month’s “LNO”!).
We also host a Secret Sisters program twice a year and gather occasionally to assemble Joy Boxes for those in our Community who could use some “good cheer” during times of personal hardships. We encourage you to stop in and join the fun!
We always look forward to new ladies joining us – it’s a perfect time to lift each other up in prayer, collect inspiration for the week ahead, and gain a deeper understanding of our Creator by studying the love letter He has written to each of us in the form of the Bible. Ladies LIFE is held in CCPV’s main auditorium at 9:00AM on alternating Saturdays. Click here to check our calendar for an updated schedule.
Don’t be shy… come on in!
*Living In Faith Every day