Ladies LIFE* 

The Ladies of CCPV invite you to our new Bible study: “Me, Myself, & Lies” by Jennifer Rothschild (books are still available and “catching up” to the chapter we’re currently in is not necessary to participate). We’re so excited to begin the new year with a new outlook and delve-into Jennifer’s practical and helpful remedies for clearing-out what she calls our Thought Closets. This will be a unique study that “brings” Jennifer to us with her DVD-led sessions.  It’s sure to be an insightful (yet fun!) study – definitely one you won’t want to miss!
As always, new faces are welcome and encouraged to join us – it’s a perfect time to lift each other up in prayer, collect inspiration for the week ahead, and gain a deeper understanding of our Creator by studying the love letter He has written to each of us in the form of the Bible. Ladies LIFE is held in CCPV’s main auditorium at 9:00AM on alternating Saturdays, and we are now offering additional sessions every-other Tuesday evening at 5:30PM (“in-between” the Saturday sessions). Click here to check our calendar for specific dates and times.
Don’t be shy… come on in!
*Living In Faith Every day