Loving Lord and Merciful Father,
Today we recall the veil of darkness transforming to the brightest light. The most dreadful end becoming the most beautiful beginning. The depths of despair fading to reveal continuous hope. The curse of death defeated by everlasting life. You make all things new by the victory and power of Your mighty Name.
Today we remember with grateful hearts Your willingness to suffer and die for our sins. We sing with abounding joy of Your miraculous rise, from death’s tomb to resplendent life. Thank You for the promise of heaven and Your generous invitation of eternal life for all.
Today we reflect on Your great strength and lavish love for us. We praise You for being our Deliverer, Victor, Redeemer, and Friend. Shine Your light through us to a world in desperate need of Your presence and healing. Keep Your words of truth planted firmly within us. Help us to continually focus on what is pure and right, and give us the power to be obedient to Your Word. Renew our hearts, minds, and bodies for the days ahead.
All praise and honor to You on this glorious Resurrection Day,