God is so undeniably good. He has been with us every step of the way since Wednesday night, October 14:

  • He gave Jeff the wisdom to go directly to the Emergency Room at YRMC East (after debating with himself as to whether his symptoms justified that decision)
  • He became my chauffer, safely transporting me as I drove 3 hours to be at Jeff’s side
  • He granted the ER staff with proper insight to test and confirm Jeff’s symptoms as being serious
  • He provided safety and expediency during Jeff’s ambulance ride from Prescott Valley to YRMC’s Cardiac Center
  • He designated competent and compassionate staff immediately upon Jeff’s arrival at The James Family Heart Center at YRMC West
  • He assigned Robert Candipan, PhD, MD, Interventional Cardiologist and Phillip Tran, DO, FACOI, Cardiovascular Disease Specialist to initiate the proper diagnosis
  • He brought in an extraordinary Cardiac Surgeon: Saina Attaran, MD, MRCS, MD (Res), FRCS (Cth) to perform the unexpected triple bypass surgery (whom Jeff immediately credited with saving his life!)
  • He allowed a sense of peace to settle into my heart as I waited to ultimately hear that the procedure was successfully completed without any complications or issues
  • He guided every hand, every decision, every staff member, every moment before, during, and after this profoundly serious assignment
  • He provided our congregation at CCPV with an immediate fill-in to avoid shutting down the church
  • He has given Jeff some much-needed rest and near-instant recovery
  • He has ensured this healing to be the start of a “new beginning” for Jeff’s second chance at a healthier life
  • He has comforted me during this emotional time, and prompted me to see that not only was Jeff’s life saved, but mine as well

Jeff is recovering extremely well and will soon be home to continue the rehabilitation process and his physical therapy. It will be a little while before he can resume his Pastoral duties, although he has the determination to get back as soon as he can. We will post updates frequently to keep you informed… and I have a feeling he will want to “vlog” his progress with all of you (so stay tuned!). This entire “miracle of medicine” event was strictly made possible by the Master Physician, our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and we do not take for granted the love He has for His children, nor the new lease on life Jeff has received directly from the goodness of God our Father.

Thank you all so much for your love and prayers,
~Earllynn Jackson