What We Believe

How Are We Saved?

The “short” answer: only by God’s Grace (or, God’s unmerited favor)
An easy way to remember what “grace” means is with this acronym:
God’s   Riches   At    Christ’s   Expense
Some churches teach that salvation is achieved through works while others claim that acting upon faith is the only way that salvation is assured. Thus, a clear distinction between ‘works‘ and ‘acts of faith‘ is critical.

Primary Passages: Acts 15:11Ephesians 2:4-6,8-102 Timothy 1:9 Additional Passages:Romans 3:22-24Romans 5:1,17 The Bible says there is nothing we can do to earn or deserve salvation or the forgiveness of God. “Good works” achieve nothing. Only through God’s grace can we be forgiven and saved.  So… How are we saved?

As an illustration, picture your favorite pie, cut into six equal pieces…
  • If they are truly equal, no piece is larger or smaller than the others.
  • If they are truly equal, no piece tastes better or worse than the others.
  • If they are truly equal, no piece is desired more than or less than the others.

In regards to our salvation, we have a “pie” with six equal pieces (or six acts/steps of faith), and none are to be considered more or less important than any other. These steps of faith are:

  • Belief in Jesus
  • Confession (agree with God)
  • Repentance (turn around 180 degrees)
  • Accepting Jesus as Lord and Master
  • Baptism (by immersion)
  • Obedience (living a Godly life)
Now let’s consider these steps of faith in the light of Scripture:
1. Belief in Jesus
2. Confession: To agree with God
3. Repent: Turn around 180 degrees
4. Accepting Jesus as Lord and Master
5. Baptism: “To dip, submerge, immerse”
Examples of Baptism:
When discussing baptism, a common question is, “Do you have to be baptized to be a Christian and/or to be saved?” In answer to that question, we believe God is the only One with the authority and power to make that judgment. However, once a person chooses to say “yes” to Jesus as their Savior AND Lord, they are committing themselves to obeying Christ’s commands… and baptism is one of those commands. So, if for some reason, a person refuses to be obedient in baptism, it is apparent that they have not yet understood the concept of Jesus being Lord and Master.
6. Obedience