Today, Pastor Jeff introduces his new series, "Serenity" which describes Psalm 23 and how the LORD, as our shepherd, provides all that we need amidst the chaos of life.
Moral excellence is a choice we make that separates us from corruption in our world. Pastor Jeff shares five ways we can develop moral excellence in our lives.
At one time or another, we've all failed at something. But with God's grace, those failures didn't define us, nor did they "finish" us. Today, Pastor Jeff explains how failure impacts our lives, and encourages us to look for unexpected benefits that may have resulted from past failures. Be sure to print the message notes to follow along as you listen (scroll down to the  "Notes" section, below).
Sometimes setbacks are so severe, it means starting over. Pastor Jeff shares four kinds of discouragement we face and how to overcome them.
Hear the story of how one mother in the Bible (Ruth) experienced personal tragedy and loss - only to realize God's plan was for her restoration and triumph... which ultimately made her the direct link to Christ's birth.
The next time you find yourself in a ‘pit’ (if you’re not in one already), be assured that God is right there with you… and He has an extraordinary plan to not only get you through it, but to ultimately provide an outcome that might seem unimaginable when you can’t even see a way out. As Ecclesiastes 3:11 puts it: God does everything just right and on time. Pastor Jeff explains how to comeback from a series of setbacks, with three key points to remember along the way.
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