The next time you find yourself in a ‘pit’ (if you’re not in one already), be assured that God is right there with you… and He has an extraordinary plan to not only get you through it, but to ultimately provide an outcome that might seem unimaginable when you can’t even see a way out. As Ecclesiastes 3:11 puts it: God does everything just right and on time. Pastor Jeff explains how to comeback from a series of setbacks, with three key points to remember along the way.
Be sure to pull up the attached message notes (and grab a bag of popcorn!) before you hit the "Play" button for this message! The story of Job is one of the best accounts in the Bible of how one man survived multiple, overwhelming setbacks - yet had the "greatest comeback" of all time... simply because he trusted God throughout the entire run of nonstop catastrophes. It has all the makings of a blockbuster movie.
Sometimes, the setbacks in our lives are the result of bad decisions made by other people. Today, we learn how the Apostle Paul's setback (as described in Chapter 27 of the Book of Acts) was a shipwreck caused by others making unwise decisions.
Have you ever wondered why Christians refer to the day of Christ's suffering and ultimate crucifixion as "Good Friday" and why Resurrection Sunday (Easter) is actually GREAT NEWS for you and me? In today's message, Pastor Jeff provides those answers and explains how Christ's death and resurrection paved the way for all sinners to enter the kingdom of God, as co-heirs with Christ Jesus. Bonus: he also outlines five compelling historical facts that prove Jesus rose from the dead!
The "Sword of the Spirit" actually refers to God's Word - the Bible. As Psalm 119:1 suggests, we must have God's Word hidden in our hearts so that we may not sin against Him. God's Word is the "antibody" to fighting temptation in our lives and today's message helps us learn five ways in which to apply it. Plus, Pastor Jeff throws in a free French History lesson... intrigued?
Why is there so much confusion in the world? Pastor Jeff answers that question, and presents us with two more: How do we gain wisdom to weed through that confusion? And, how will that wisdom benefit us? The key to these questions can be found in Ephesians 6:17 as we continue to learn how to best prepare for the Spiritual Warfare already in our midst.