Growing Faith

September 13, 2020
How can we, as Christians, make an impact for Christ in a "COVID World" when we are quarantined from church services? Today, Pastor Jeff reveals five ways that God's Word produces growth in us so that we are equipped to BE the church to the world around us.

Connecting People

September 6, 2020
Pastor Jeff begins a new 4-part series today, emphasizing how important it is that "If we can't GO to least we can BE the church."
Pastor Jeff wraps up his summer series, "The Lord's Prayer" with a culmination of the prior six sermons... adding a nice bow on top with the focus on the last line of this all-important prayer.
Today, Pastor Jeff explains how we can find GRACE for times of temptation by using a very simple acrostic that's easy to remember.
As Pastor Jeff states in today's message, “Sometimes, the most difficult thing we can do for God becomes the most powerful thing that we do for ourselves". When you share the gift of forgiveness with someone who either needs your forgiveness or you need theirs, a healing of vast proportions ultimately takes place within BOTH of you. Our world is in desperate need of forgiveness on many levels... listening to today's message may be the greatest step you can take in helping this hurting world turn around.
Wouldn't it be nice if we could see a list of "side effects" each time we entertained the idea of sinning? Since that's not an option, Pastor Jeff gives us a "5-step plan" on how to utilize the 4th line of the Lord's Prayer: "Forgive us our trespasses..."