Pastor Jeff shares five ways you can rediscover joy during a "COVID Christmas" Season, based on Luke 2:8-20.

“A Thankful Heart”

November 22, 2020
Our Guest Speaker, Christopher Boles, continues filling-in for Pastor Jeff. In today's message, Christopher shares factual accounts of how the very first Thanksgiving came to be, how the Pilgrims were truly guided by Divine Providence, and he offers some fascinating trivia about how we celebrate Thanksgiving in modern-day America.

“The War Within”

October 25, 2020
Guest Speaker Christopher Boles (Member and Elder of CCPV) fills in while Pastor Jeff recuperates from open-heart surgery. Today's topic: learning to rely more fully on God's help when temptations of this world try to overwhelm us.

Battling Deception

October 11, 2020
"What is truth?" Had Pontius Pilate stayed to listen for the answer straight from the Truth-giver Himself (Jesus), a different outcome may have been penned in John 18:38 but the world in which we live now doubts even factual evidence. In today's message, Pastor Jeff explains three views of truth and how we can combat the devil's deceptions.

Taking A Stand

October 4, 2020
Have you ever been challenged to defend your faith in Christ? It's becoming more and more difficult to boldly stand with our convictions, but the Lord calls us to stand strong and let HIM fight those battles. Today, Pastor Jeff introduces his new series "Battle Ready" and offers four ways in which we can find our strength in God to defy the enemy.

Sharing Good News

September 27, 2020
Who needs to hear some GOOD news? When Jesus ascended into Heaven, his departing instruction to the Disciples was to share the Gospel (which means “good news”) with everyone, everywhere… but how do we do that? Pastor Jeff’s message today wraps up the September series on BEING the church and how we can witness "to the ends of the earth".