Have you ever heard the phrase "you do not have because you do not ask"? God is our Sole Provider and He WANTS to give us our daily "bread" (the main essentials needed to live this life). All we have to do is ASK Him. That's what prayer does for us. Today, Pastor Jeff continues his line-by-line teaching of The Lord's Prayer, with this week's focus on its 3rd line and the importance of asking God to provide our daily bread.
How's your prayer life? Whether drafting an historic document for the independence of a Country or needing Divine help with our own personal direction, no great move of God ever happened without PRAYER. Today, Pastor Jeff introduces his new series, The Lord's Prayer and gives a preview of what we will learn in the coming weeks.
Throughout history, wars have been fought and battles won - but the price paid by those who believed in protecting the freedom of future generations made their sacrifice invaluable. United we stand, and divided we fall... let us come together NOW to save our one Nation under God by praying for our President and our Country.