In March of 2020, a gathering of Pastors, top Christian leaders, churches large and small, and individuals from around the globe began a world-wide prayer movement in response to the COVID-19 crisis. What was intended to be a full year of weekly prayers has been faithfully followed and literally exceeded all expectations. 

With the assemblage of all participants into one heart, one voice, and one prayer, we began to see COVID-19 halted, lives healed, hardships ended, people coming to Christ, and an outpouring of God’s Spirit!

Over these last twelve months, what transpired was only possible through the miraculous hand of God: millions of people praying in over 180 countries around the world twice a day with one voice. During this year’s Pentecost weekend, the Unite714 Global Prayer Event was estimated to have reached more than one billion people around the world.

After completing 55 weeks of prayer on Easter Sunday 2021, Unite714 decided to begin again with the original “Week 1” prayer and – at least for the time being – not provide new prayers in the upcoming season.

This simply means that we will be “recycling” the entire series of original prayers over the next 52 weeks.

God promises in 2 Chronicles 7:14, that when we humble ourselves, unite in prayer and seek His face, He will come, He will speak, He will forgive, and He will heal our lands.

Regardless of denominational, network, national, and ethnic lines, we gather with one heartbeat — to unite and focus our eyes on God, seek His help and healing, and believe in the awakening of every nation on the globe to the Truth of God.

We will continue to provide the weekly prayer focus, which you can access by clicking “This Week’s Prayer” button below.

There is nothing you need to memorize, pay for, or keep track of. You don’t have to report to anyone or be anywhere specific… you can participate from wherever you happen to be at the moment. As Participants, we merely read the weekly prayer each day at 7:14 am and/or 7:14 pm, keeping in mind that we are praying in unison with millions of others who have also committed to reserving this time to focus on each week’s prayer needs.

On behalf of Unite714, we thank you for being a part of this amazing “prayer chain” and uniting together in its global phenomenon.

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