July 5, 2020

Will America Survive?

Passage: 2 Chronicles 7:14

Throughout history, wars have been fought and battles won - but the ultimate price paid by those who protected our freedom seems to have been taken for granted. Today, Pastor Jeff explains how our Constitutional rights - and the God-given rights of future generations - are now at stake... so let us come together by praying for our President and this great land we call the USA. If we do not stand united to save our one Nation under God, we will fall... divided.

Links to Artists' Music Videos used in today's message:

"God Bless America" by Sandi Patty {lyric video by Concerts, Music, and More}

"Donald Trump's Bible - From Scotland to the Oval Office | The Hebrides Revival (as told by Dr. Clarence Sexton)" by {video by Christian News 360°}

"Home Free - God Bless the U.S.A. (featuring Lee Greenwood and The United States Air Force Band)" {Official Music Video by Home Free}

"Something Good" by Gateway Worship {lyric video by AliveChurch Vinita}

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